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Speaking of failure

Admitting you have failed is hard. And even after you have accepted it yourself and spoken it out openly its not easy to discuss about it. It's so easy to get defensive or only look at the good sides. At least publicly. On the other hand it's too easy to go through those negative things in your head and disregard the good things.

The balance is somewhere there in between. You need to admit not everything went as planned. But there is always something good never the less. At least you tried. There is no bigger failure than not trying. Or giving up after just one try.

Quarterly review

The first quarter of the year is almost over and it has also been around three months since I did the latest adjustments to my productivity system. So it's a good time to take a look at how has it gone so far.

A quick recap of my system: I have a list of daily tasks, divided into five categories each having 2-5 items. My goal each day is to both complete at least one item from each category and to complete total at least as many tasks as I did in the previous day.

We need to go deeper

It's hard enough to try to play somebody you are not. It's even harder when that character is trying to hide his personality and also pretends to be somebody else. And then, sometimes you are handed a character who can't even always control when the other person is in charge.

Doing too much

After the low in my daily productivity, it's hard to get back on track with a new streak. Just when I thought this system is finally perfect I'm back with the same problem I had at the beginning of this iteration.  I'm doing too much too fast.

Starting slowly would make it easier to get a longer streak. It would give some time to stay a bit lower and have some easier days in the beginning. Getting those small increases would also mean there would be more of those "better than yesterday" -days.