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Disordering the brain

Entropy is a fascinating thing. It's one of the fundamental parts of physics. It's also used as a basis in information theory.

In essence entropy indicates the disorder of the system. Even though the use of the term disorder is actually a bit misleading in this context. It's more like a spread or distribution that the entropy is about.

Iterative knowledge

The purpose of science is to get closer to truth. There is always things we don't know, or can't prove. The things we need to believe in, as scientific theories. The truths, until proven wrong.

Long time ago we believed we were living at the center of the universe. Later we have found out we are actually living at a rather unassuming edge of an average galaxy somewhere around the universe. We don't even live at the centre of our own solar system. Throughout the history we have iterated our place in the universe.

Impossible structures

Tensegrity structures are currently trending (at least in certain circles). I don't usually care much about such trends, but I have to admit this one intrigued me. While I understand the physical principles behind the design I still couldn't believe what I was seeing in all those pictures and videos of the models people were building. So I had to build my own.

The principle and design is really simple. The simplest models could be build with a set of common LEGO bricks. So that's what I did. Luckily we have a good selection of LEGOs available for this kind of occasions.

In space no one can hear you explode

There is no sound in space as vacuum doesn't transmit it. There is nothing the sound waves could move through. So it's pretty silent out there.

That is actually a good thing. Our soundscape would be quite different if we could hear the loudest sound in our solar system. Despite being 150 million kilometers a way, that huge explosion in the sky that we call sun would generate a sound that would hit us at 125 Desibels. That's about the same as a sound of a jet engine from a close distance. So it would be quite deafening.

Provable magic

It seems that scientist have finally managed to solve the black hole information paradox. Or at least they believe so. While they can prove their theory they admit they too, don't understand the solution.

The paradox, formulated by Stephen Hawking states that while special relativity says nothing can escape from a black hole, quantum mechanism on the other hand implies no information can completely disappear. But, in the form of Hawking radiation, black holes evaporate over time leaving nothing behind. And the radiation itself is proven to be completely random.

Challenges of time travel

Time travelling is hard. And I'm not talking about physically or mathematically hard here (which it also very well is). I mean it's really hard to get right in fiction. The only place where it is possible, as far as we know.

There are so many problems present in all the works of fiction containing time travelling I don't even know where to start. Maybe from he types of time travel.