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In space no one can hear you explode

There is no sound in space as vacuum doesn't transmit it. There is nothing the sound waves could move through. So it's pretty silent out there.

That is actually a good thing. Our soundscape would be quite different if we could hear the loudest sound in our solar system. Despite being 150 million kilometers a way, that huge explosion in the sky that we call sun would generate a sound that would hit us at 125 Desibels. That's about the same as a sound of a jet engine from a close distance. So it would be quite deafening.

Another thing about the sound of the sun is that even if it could travel through space we wouldn't actually still be able to hear it. Due to it's massive size the soundwaves sun generates would be so low frequency that it would be impossible for us to hear such sounds. On the other hand, such force in the form of sound reverberation would most likely rip everything at earth apart. So there wouldn't be anybody here to listen to that sound anyway.

Good thing we are only getting mostly some light and heat from it to keep us alive.