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Day after day

It just doesn't happen. You need to make the decision every day. Even if it has become a routine you can't forget it still needs that little nudge to get started.

It's easier some days, harder the other. But it doesn't matter. You just do it and that's it.

It's not for all. It might feel intimidating, forced. You might even feel it controls you instead of you being in control. But it doesn't. I can quit any day I want. But I don't want to. Not today, not in any foreseeable day in the future. 

Another day

Another day, another post I don't want to write. Or not wanting is a big strong expression, I just don't feel like writing just now. Haven't felt like it the whole day.

But it's not about what I want now. I need to write whether I want it or not. There is a bigger want I have: to write every day. And to reach that I sometimes need to write even if I don't want to. I need to consider the bigger picture instead of the immediate situation. And that sometimes requires doing unwanted things. I just need to push through those and get it done to stay on track.

It was supposed to get easier

Even after years of writing daily, there are days when I struggle with the writing. You would imagine after so much experience it would be easy to just write anything anytime.

While it is true that in some areas it has become a lot easier to write. For example I feel a more competent writer technically. It is also easier to just write. I can get into the flow and write. I don't suffer from the empty page syndrome anymore.