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Day after day

It just doesn't happen. You need to make the decision every day. Even if it has become a routine you can't forget it still needs that little nudge to get started.

It's easier some days, harder the other. But it doesn't matter. You just do it and that's it.

It's not for all. It might feel intimidating, forced. You might even feel it controls you instead of you being in control. But it doesn't. I can quit any day I want. But I don't want to. Not today, not in any foreseeable day in the future. 

Of course there are days I do want to quit. But there are more days I want to keep going. And I can't get one of those days when I want to quit to ruin my whole streak.

Not at this point. After I have gotten this far. Sure, it would be rather a small effort to get back up to streak. Thirty days is such a small period. Thirty posts such a small amount. It's written before you even notice.

But that would mean abandoning my current streak. That's not just a few posts, not just a few days, or even months. So I just keep going.