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Back to old habits

Once you have established a habit it will be with you forever. You might be able to learn "out" of it, but it will still be there. Perhaps it's replaced with a stronger habit, or it can be so that the cue isn't there anymore.

This is the shadow of those bad habits you have gotten rid of: it's so easy to slip back to them. If something happens to the replacement habit it's like nothing happened at all.

Lowering my criterias

Even if I decided I won't do any end of the year reviews I did have a look at all that data I have collected and at my disposal. After all, what good is that data anyway if it's not getting used.

One conclusion was that I might not actually need all that data. It's irrelevant and just contributes to wasted time and stressing out having it all recorded. So first of all, I'll try to cut down some of that data. Saving time as well as money when I don't need to use all those services. In principle I want each one to have clear purpose and direction I want it to help me move toward.

Christmas gains

Among other things, Christmas is a time of gluttony. All the festive food and delicates that belong to the traditions. And all that chocolate.

No wonder so many people promise to start working out at the break of the year. Need to get rid of that all excess weight accumulated during the holidays.

It's all temporary after all. Gym's remain crowded only during the first half of January. Week of gluttony and two of fitness. But if done properly, that should be enough to maintain the balance. That is, if there was balance to return in the first place.

That's it, I quit

I have a confession to make. For the past few months I have been smoking more or less regularly. While it hasn't been on a daily basis I would say it has still been a regular bad habit.

I used to smoke regularly, some sixteen years ago, until, after numerous attempts to quit completely I decided to allow myself an occasional cigarette every now and then. I had a strict rules for special occasions when it was acceptable. And for all that time it worked well.