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Just a bit left

Thinks rarely go even. Not even with planning. There is always some margin of error that leaves you with some leftovers. A bit too much for current load/portion/whatever, but too little to be left behind. That little bit extra could mean extra trip or unnecessary waste depending on the situation. So it's tempting to just pick them all up. 

Systems and components

Whatever you do it's always connected to something else. You can't do anything in a vacuum.

Every system is made out of small pieces. And it's hard to focus on all those other pieces and dive deep into the one at the same time.

When getting your hands dirty it's best to focus on only that. Forget everything else around and just do whatever is at hand.

But on larger scale it's better to account all that is connected. To reflect how it affects everything around whatever you are doing.

Your day is what you make of it

Today wasn't much different from yesterday. I think I got couple more tasks done. I also got some rest, spend time purposefully doing nothing.

Despite this, feel today was a good day. I don't feel quilt from not doing more. I don't regret taking time of. Instead, I feel like I did exactly what I intended to do today. Nothing more, nothing less.