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Your day is what you make of it

Today wasn't much different from yesterday. I think I got couple more tasks done. I also got some rest, spend time purposefully doing nothing.

Despite this, feel today was a good day. I don't feel quilt from not doing more. I don't regret taking time of. Instead, I feel like I did exactly what I intended to do today. Nothing more, nothing less.

So what makes the difference between these two quite similar days? Today, instead of just drifting through the day I looked forward in the morning. I decided what I will do today and in the end, pretty much stick to it. I did everything I planned. Including that doing nothing part. I allowed that to myself.

I'm sure I could have done more today if I would have decided to do so. I could also have done a lot less and still be happy about the day. I knew how this day will turn out right from the morning. And believed in it, made it happen. That's a lot harder to do afterwards. You don't have the control then anymore.  It's also hard to do without. How can you be in control if you don't know the direction?