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Long, short day

It feels like do much happened today. It was the day our son moved out on his own. A lot of things to do before everything was done. A long and exhausting day both physically and mentally.

So all this considered, I can't believe it's already over.  We were in a hurry in almost every moment. Had to get two hours extension to the rental van to make it back in time. And still, we had to skip many things to barely make it.

Where did all that time go? There should have been plenty of it. We planned the schedule and there were supposed to be some extra time as well.

Moving out

Our oldest is moving out on his own this weekend. Technically, on paper he doesn't live here anymore. He's just staying over for couple of days before he can move in to his new apartment.

It's a weird feeling. At some level, sure it has been always apparent this day would eventually come. Even after he was accepted to the school and we started discussing it on a more concrete level it was still something distant. It all happened so fast at the end.

The new normal

So, my daughter started her at her new school a little before the end of my vacation. Until today that has affected my morning routines as we have been commuting together. 

Mostly this has affected our morning schedule. We need to leave a bit earlier than what I have used to. I can't, well want to write in the train while she's there with me. It's nicer to spend time there with her, chatting and so on.