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The new normal

So, my daughter started her at her new school a little before the end of my vacation. Until today that has affected my morning routines as we have been commuting together. 

Mostly this has affected our morning schedule. We need to leave a bit earlier than what I have used to. I can't, well want to write in the train while she's there with me. It's nicer to spend time there with her, chatting and so on.

But today, she's sick. So I'm travelling alone. I still stick to the normal schedule and left to catch the same train. But at least I'm free to spend this time writing and don't have to postpone it for the later time.

It's been a bit challenging. But I've already gotten used to the new schedule and routines. Still, when I have a chance it's easy to revert back to the old routines as well. I just need to go day by day. Adjust to the situation and do what's best for the day.

Sure, standard routines are nice. But there needs to be some room for adaption. I need to have a backup plan for those days things go differently. So far it seems I can do both.