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Just a bit left

Thinks rarely go even. Not even with planning. There is always some margin of error that leaves you with some leftovers. A bit too much for current load/portion/whatever, but too little to be left behind. That little bit extra could mean extra trip or unnecessary waste depending on the situation. So it's tempting to just pick them all up. 

Was this a reminder?

Just when I wrote about the thrill of doing those technical investigations and how I miss them today I got more than enough of it. It's been a while I had to work 12 hours straight (at least when I had a choice).

Yes, it's fun for a while. But this is not what I was after. Granted these situations are rare and besides, I didn't have to do all of it. But how could I have abandoned the team, slacking off while others were still working on solving the issue.

Let it go

It's only a second day of my vacation. Well, not even that, just a weekend still. But I'm already thinking work related stuff. I really shouldn't.

I know there will be some bigger things happening next year. And I will have a lot to say about them. So obviously, they have been a lot in my mind lately. It's hard to give them rest. I can't wait to get to start implementing those things. But I also want them to be well planned.