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Planets that could be

So there have been planets that have been reclassified, planets that, if the theories hold true, have been destroyed or hurled out of the solar system and theoretical planets to explain anomalies in the behaviour of other celestial objects. After all those, we are left with the eight planets we know of today.

There are however unexplained behaviour of different objects in our solar system that suggest there might be more planets to be found.  

Planets that weren't

In addition to actual objects that have just been demoted from planet status there has been multiple supposed planets astronomers have been trying to locate throughout history.

Vulcan was a speculated planet that was expected to reside between Mercury and the Sun. The perturbations in Mercury's orbit suggested there should be something there. These anomalies were however later explained by Einstein's theory of general relativity.

The planets that were

Everybody remembers Pluto's demotion to dwarf planet in 2006. This reclassification was triggered by the discovery of Eris, an object far out beyond Pluto's orbit that was found to be 27% more massive than Pluto. So either it had to be the tenth planet, or Pluto shouldn't classify as planer either.

Hurling through the space

I hope you are sitting down firmly as I'm about to tell you how fast you are actually going around just sitting there in place.

First of all, your on the surface of this planet, rotating around it's axis. The rotation takes you around the circumference of the planet in one day. To accomplish that, we are spinning around at around 1700km/h (or 0,5km/s).