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Seems like winter at last outside. Too bad we are already halfway through April at this point. Usually it starts to be the other way around during this time of the year. We start to see first patches of ground beneath the snow when the spring sun starts to melt the snow cover that has been there for months.

It's not the first time we have gotten snow this winter and it does snow occasionally during this time of the year normally too. Just the contrast between the snowless winter makes it feel so odd right now.

First trip of the year

Unlike last year, I started this year without any trips in sight. It didn't however take long to have the first one in my calendar already. Heading to Latvia today for two days to kick off our new leadership program.

It's good time to head south at this time of the year. It's the coldest time of the year so some warmth is always welcome. Except Latvia isn't that much warmer anyway. And it hasn't been that cold here either this year. 

Neverwinter days

It's been a dark winter here this year. Even darker than usual. Whether it's climate change or just a statistical anomaly, it has been exceptionally warm lately. Wasn't the global warming supposed to make these regions more cold? Luckily the days are getting longer already. But the gloomy weather hides the fact pretty well. 

Cold spell in spring

It has been a nice couple of weeks here in Finland. The sun has been shining and almost all the snow has melted. Until today.

The land is white again. Not much of now but enough to make the land white again. You can never be sure the winter is done here. There is always at least that one setback until the winter gives up.

Usually, it hits during the mayday, when everybody is about to celebrate the spring. This year it was a couple of days late. But never the less, you can almost count on it. Sooner or later it will hit.

Slippery when wet

It is the wonderful time of the year when during the day there are a couple of degrees above zero and the snow starts melting. Then, during the night it drops below zero and everything freezes. It might seem like there is some sand on the road to combat the slipperiness, but it's all covered with a thin layer of ice.

I left early towards the train station predicting this and still, I barely made it in time due to the fact of being forced to walk really carefully. It took almost one and a half times as long for me to walk that distance.