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Neverwinter days

It's been a dark winter here this year. Even darker than usual. Whether it's climate change or just a statistical anomaly, it has been exceptionally warm lately. Wasn't the global warming supposed to make these regions more cold? Luckily the days are getting longer already. But the gloomy weather hides the fact pretty well. 

I don't miss the waist deep snow and -30 celsius degrees cold, with a wind. But few degrees below zero with ten or so centimeters of snow wouldn't be that bad. Maybe a cent or two snowing down every night to cover that old gray and dirty layer. It doesn't take much of it after all to change the landscape into something completely different.

Even the nature seems to be confused by all this. During those few days without slush the grass seems to sprout, thinking the spring has arrived. I wonder how many tries it will survive before permanent damage. I've read that the migratory birds are also staying behind, postponing their trip to the warmth of the south. I wonder where they are returning in the spring. To the north pole perhaps?

At least there isn't much of blowing the snow. But it would be welcome exercise instead of dashing through all that slush.