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Optimizing the fun

I like making things as effective as possible. That's pretty much what I do at work. But I also like doing it just for fun.

Sometimes it might feel a bit too tedious to see all that trouble to achieve something in a game that could have been completed with less effort. I just can't help myself. If I see a room for improvement I take it as a personal challenge.

Local network games

Playing together has always being one of my favourite parts of gaming. That's probably I like board games and roleplaying so much. 

Early digital games had the tight playing together feeling. Sharing the keyboard or just playing in turn with the same computer / console was the way to go. In extremes it was a group of friends playing the same game, one controlling the game while others giving instructions and tips in the background.

Old school gaming

Everybody has their own "old school" games from the era when they were young. I've been into gaming from it's early days but still there are some games that predate my times. Things like space invaders, pong and pacman were the old games back then.