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Old school gaming

Everybody has their own "old school" games from the era when they were young. I've been into gaming from it's early days but still there are some games that predate my times. Things like space invaders, pong and pacman were the old games back then.

I started with Nintendo. The classic NES. With Mario, Zelda, Duck Hunt and all the other classics. And of course blowing to the cartridge.  Computer gaming followed a bit later. After console gaming it wad a completely new world. Especially there were more variety on genres, some which would have been clunky on the console controller.

I was never fan of all those 1st person shooters that were starting to come up at the time: Wolfenstein, Doom, Quake and so on. Only one of those that enjoyed was Duke Nukem 3D. And that mostly because of it's excellent map editor. It was the Minecraft of that time. Another favourite genre was all those pinball games. I wasn't that much of a fan of the physical versions, but the digital ones I did enjoy. Epic pinball and it's Deep Sea was my absolute favourite. I played it so much that among my friends who also played it quite a bit I still had a high score over three times better than any of them.

The best genres however for me were all the adventure and strategy roleplaying games. At the time there were abundance of different TSR titles and the Warcraft saga was just beginning (the original RTS, not the MMORPG).

But there was one game that perfectly combined these both: Heroes of Might & Magic. No game has quite captured the same atmosphere for me ever since. So I was pretty thrilled today when I found out there is a board game in the works that tries to bring all that glory to the tabletop.