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When 3x500 is less than 1000

Reading books is a wonderful thing. One of the wonders if how it affects how you experience time. Sometimes you notice you have lost hours without noticing. Other times it feels like you have been reading for hours but only a fraction of that had actually passed.

This relative time can happen with any book. What I have noticed however is that usually it's those long 1000+ page tomes that usually end up making the passage of time feel much longer than it actually is. Likewise the shorter ones seem to have the ability to compress time.

47 hours and 59 minutes

Writing every day means in theory I could still spend close to two full days between two posts. That would however require to only count the publishing times, or writing really fast, 30 seconds per post.

I know I can write a post in five minutes, although not very good. A proper post takes at minimum 10 minutes so lets use that. The writing time itself should also be counted, not just the publishing time. So this way the gap is down to 47 hours and 40 minutes.

Worth the time?

Committing myself to a series, especially if the show goes on for multiple sessions is a big decision. I watch tv so little that I wouldn't want to waste my time on just about any show. 

It's hard yo judge beforehand. Good story or book adaption doesn't guarantee a good show. Original story can be as good as a literary classic and even those classics can be ruined by so many things. Not least by the high expectations they tend to raise.

With books I can always switch to fast reading if I find the story uninteresting or slow. It's harder to speed up videos. 


It's that time of the year again. Clocks have been turned forward one hour. Same thing has been going on for almost 40 years here. Hopefully this was one of the last times as it has already been decided that this practice should end next year. Now, it's just a matter of deciding whether we should stay in summertime or winter(normal)time.

Inevitable fate

Everything that I have done in my life has led me to this moment. All that is happened is the reason why I'm here right now writing this post. Anything in the past could have changed it and instead I could be doing something completely different now.

The Year 12019

New decade or not, we are closing to the end of year 12019. And no, that "1" there is not a typo. I really mean twelve thousand and nineteen. That's the current year in Holocene era.

The Holocene calendar was first proposed by Cesare Emiliani in 1993 (11993 in Holocene calendar). The idea was to resolve some issues with the current anno Domini calendar which causes some trouble handing the transition between the current era (AD) and the time before that (BC). Makes it harder to grasp those old dates when the bigger number actually means it was earlier.

Long, short day

It feels like do much happened today. It was the day our son moved out on his own. A lot of things to do before everything was done. A long and exhausting day both physically and mentally.

So all this considered, I can't believe it's already over.  We were in a hurry in almost every moment. Had to get two hours extension to the rental van to make it back in time. And still, we had to skip many things to barely make it.

Where did all that time go? There should have been plenty of it. We planned the schedule and there were supposed to be some extra time as well.

Time goes slowly for those who wait

Waiting is always painful. I wish the clock would tick faster. But instead, it appears to be frozen in place. I close my eyes and slowly count to ten, hoping the hands of the clocks had followed my lead. But there has been only a few ticks and tocks.

Three months until Christmas. I cross over another day from the calendar and count the days. Wasn't that yesterdays count? Almost the same anyway. Still almost a hundred days to go.

Fading days

Sometimes it's hard to notice the passing of time. It's hard to distinguish one day from another. Things just happen and then suddenly its already another day.

I was certain that I wrote already today. I had a clear memory of writing. But somehow I forgot a big portion of what happened in between. It was yesterday. And I do remember all the other things that happened yesterday and today as well. I just couldn't distinguish the relation between those events.