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Don't think about the chicken

There is an internet meme, a game where you need to keep yourself from thinking about the chicken. It simply has a picture and the text " don't think about the chicken", and the notion that you already lost. It's a variation of The Game where the only rule is if you think about the game you lose. There are no winners in those games.

Last week @brandonwilson wrote about "keep going". The idea was essentially the same behind that post. In essence, he said you should not think about not stopping, but instead keep going. Thinking the positive outcome instead of even hinting that there is the possibility of failing. If you think about giving up you have already lost.

Your thinking can highly affect the outcome. For example, if you think about stopping, even if it is about not doing it, you already acknowledge that option existing. But when you keep thinking positively, assuring yourself you can keep going you set your expectations in a different way.

Keep your aim in your mind and don't live yourself the option of failure. You'd be amazed about the results. Keep going and don't even give yourself the option of thinking about the chicken.