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Your day is what you make of it

Today wasn't much different from yesterday. I think I got couple more tasks done. I also got some rest, spend time purposefully doing nothing.

Despite this, feel today was a good day. I don't feel quilt from not doing more. I don't regret taking time of. Instead, I feel like I did exactly what I intended to do today. Nothing more, nothing less.

Finnish modesty

We Finns tend to be quite modest people. We don't keep much voice about ourself. We are such a small nation statistically we might not even exist. And if you ask a Finn, they might agree, at least about our impact and significance.

Writing positively about yourself is hard. Even more for me. Maybe because of that Finnish mentality, or mostly because who I am. I can't blame anything else. 

Don't think about the chicken

There is an internet meme, a game where you need to keep yourself from thinking about the chicken. It simply has a picture and the text " don't think about the chicken", and the notion that you already lost. It's a variation of The Game where the only rule is if you think about the game you lose. There are no winners in those games.