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Finnish modesty

We Finns tend to be quite modest people. We don't keep much voice about ourself. We are such a small nation statistically we might not even exist. And if you ask a Finn, they might agree, at least about our impact and significance.

Writing positively about yourself is hard. Even more for me. Maybe because of that Finnish mentality, or mostly because who I am. I can't blame anything else. 

Still, I have found it important. It's an essential part of creating and strengthening my self-confidence. Deep inside I know I'm good at something, but it's just challenging to admit it, to myself as well as to others. I need it.

Maybe it's a good thing that it's hard. Maybe it's the right balance between going over the top and becoming the cocky a whole that only talks about how great they are. If it becomes too easy I need to stop. I don't want to be that guy . I don't want to become overconfident.

But sometimes it's ok to tell how good you are. Same goes to taking praises. If you deny it you are effectively dismissing their judgement. A simple thank you is enough and a lot better than "oh, it was nothing" or "I was just doing my job".