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Green office

Yesterday my initiative for making our company carbon neutral was accepted by our happiness team. It has probably been one of the most anticipated thing coming up lately. A lot of people have expressed their interest and support in this kind of initiative. And it also aligns well with our companies new strategy.

Unfortunately, unlike most happiness team decisions, this one would need some considerable financial investment so it still needs to be accepted by the leadership. But I'm pretty sure they won't decline it. Or should I say, they can't afford to deny it.

It's nice to be in a situation where making people happy at the workplace is making sure we take care of the environment and are conscious about the impact our work has. It's no longer just free sodas and company events, we have all those and more.

I'm pretty sure we don't stop there either. I, for example have already started talking about the green tech thinking, considering the impact of our actual work on the environment instead of worrying just about our working environments impact. If we can show an example to others in this industry, and why not others as well, we can make a difference.