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Man vs machine

As I told earlier our washing machine was having some issues with the bearings. After I managed tear it down to pieces I was faced almost impossible task of actually removing those bearings. They were become extremely tightly stuck up there. Unfortunately I didn't have the appropriate "fine-tuning" tools at hand at the time so I had to give up. Round one went to the machine.


Our trusty washing machine started to keep weird sounds while running. After giving a few manual spins for the drum it was apparent the bearings weren't at their prime condition anymore. After thirteen years it's not a surprise.

It would have been a shame to replace otherwise perfectly functioning machine so after s quick googling I found suitable replacement parts. And assurance it should be doable by anyone who isn't all thumbs. So I placed the order and started sharpening my tools.

Battery problems

My trusty first-generation Pixel phone is starting to show the signs of age. I can hardly get it through half of the day with light usage. Not to mention if I want to use it more. Then the battery is empty in mere hours.

I'd hate to replace it just yet. It still serves it's purpose just fine. I  don't have needs for latest and greatest features or the top-notch performance of latest phones. 

Green office

Yesterday my initiative for making our company carbon neutral was accepted by our happiness team. It has probably been one of the most anticipated thing coming up lately. A lot of people have expressed their interest and support in this kind of initiative. And it also aligns well with our companies new strategy.

Unfortunately, unlike most happiness team decisions, this one would need some considerable financial investment so it still needs to be accepted by the leadership. But I'm pretty sure they won't decline it. Or should I say, they can't afford to deny it.