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Ripples of though

Four days ago I wrote a short post about full stack developers in LinkedIn. Today I have read three different posts from different sources about that exact same topic. And there definitely aren't that many topics posted about it daily on the mediums I follow.

Now, this is probably just a coincidence. I don't have any connection to the authors of those three posts. I doubt they have seen and read my post on LinkedIn. So maybe I don't have anything to do with the matter.

But maybe, just maybe somebody read my post, shared it forward to somebody else who had a discussion based on the post with yet another person and so on. Until the word just carried over all the way to the ears or eyes of those three authors.

Small things can carry far away. With today's connected world ideas and thoughts spread like a wildfire. And something you throw in there can come back to you sooner than expected.

It's always nice to think you might have a bigger impact on general matters than you might assume. And it's good to remember this holds true in good as well as in bad. So it's important to be careful what you say.