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Upcoming talking gigs

I have known it for a while now, but finally can say it publicly: I'm going to Amsterdam in October to talk about green tech thinking in Drupalcon! I also just heard the same session is accepted for Drupalcamp Helsinki held earlier this autumn.

It's been a while my last talk gig and now I have two of those upcoming still this year. I might even submit another topic for the X-con coming up at some point later during the year. And then there is still the possibility to get to talk more about the green tech on WWF meetups.

I have followers, therefore I am

Today our influence in this world is essentially defined by our presence in the internet. There are celebrities and influencers whos fame is solely based on their web presence and verified by the millions of followers they have.

If you don't have that presence you don't exist. You don't need all those millions of followers, just a few is enough to verify your existence. And if those few have any presence of their own, your influence is already multiplied. 

Ripples of though

Four days ago I wrote a short post about full stack developers in LinkedIn. Today I have read three different posts from different sources about that exact same topic. And there definitely aren't that many topics posted about it daily on the mediums I follow.

Now, this is probably just a coincidence. I don't have any connection to the authors of those three posts. I doubt they have seen and read my post on LinkedIn. So maybe I don't have anything to do with the matter.