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Time flies

It hard to keep track of time when you are having fun, or are busy. I didn't even realize it was already a lot o'clock. Good thing it didn't go after midnight.

It's been a busy day indeed. A lot of things to do. Even more of those last minute realizations of what still needs to be done. And then all the unexpected issues. It definitely hasn't been a boring day.

But it has all been worth it. Earlier in the day when we fired up the engines for the first time and successfully ran the full jump was a moment to celebrate. Everything was working as expected. Then, later during the evening, when the first players started to arrive, seeing their amazed faces was priceless.

Tomorrow it's showtime. The game finally kicks in and everything we have build is but into a real test. Now, it's time to get some rest after a long day so I can be sharp tomorrow.

It really starts to show how tired I am as I'm really struggling here to try and fill the two hundred word limit. I really should have written this in the morning. But I thought we were ready enough that I could leave early.