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The last voyage of ESS Odysseus

It's over now. The last run just ended couple of hours ago. After three successful voyages our beloved starship ESS Odysseus is set to be commissioned starting tomorrow.

It's a sad moment. Everything we have been aiming for during the past two and a half year is now coming to an end. It was an amazing journey. We accomplished something great, something that will be discussed during the years to come.

Calm before the storm

In less than an hour, the third run of our game is about to start. I guess it's a good sign that I don't have much to do before that. All preparations have been done and everything is ready.

After only these few times everything is already running smoothly. Everybody knows their routines and there isn't a lot of hassle going on during the preparations. We have also been able to do some improvements to our systems and processes so its a lot easier now to get everything ready. It will also be more effortless during the game.

Two down, one to go

Second run, the first international one of our game just finished few hours ago. In one week this all will be over. Over a halfway through already.

Even though we have made some adjustments and improvements to the game the biggest difference still comes from the players. After all they make all the decisions and those choices can lead to widely different outcomes. Even though this particular game is quite heavily railroaded. But there is an illusion of choice still given to the players.

In major news

Our little game has been featured in almost all major national news media. It's nice to have such recognition for our efforts. Previously not many games have been there. Mostly they have been small mentions in some local newspapers at best.

We have also gotten some other attention of the general public. On our open doors day between the first and second run we got almost 500 visitors who wanted to see what have we done.

First one down

The first run of our game was finished today. After all this time it was great to finally hear our first players experience. And they sure weren't disappointed. 

It took a lot of effort to get this far. But even after just one run I feel like it was enough reward already. Sure, the job is still hot done. Two more runs are awaiting. But after such a success on the first run in really looking forward to the next ones.

I wish I could have played

I with I could have been able to play in our game. It is a rare opportunity to be able to take part in game of this magnitude. And after seeing all the effort put into the game I'm even more impressed. I envy our players for this experience.

Technically it would have been possible to also be a player. Staying away from all the plots and such and only focus on the technical parts of the game during the building. But that would have limited my ability to participate. I would have needed to stay away from certain parts of the systems to not get any spoilers.

Time flies

It hard to keep track of time when you are having fun, or are busy. I didn't even realize it was already a lot o'clock. Good thing it didn't go after midnight.

It's been a busy day indeed. A lot of things to do. Even more of those last minute realizations of what still needs to be done. And then all the unexpected issues. It definitely hasn't been a boring day.

One more day

Our spaceship starts finally be in shape. Sure, there is still a lot of extra stuff lying around everywhere, but most of the things start to be where they are supposed to be. All systems have been installed and tested. 

Only some minor adjustments and finishing touches are needed. And that's pretty much what we have time for before the first players arrive. After that, there isn't much we can do anymore. We just need to be happy with what we got. But luckily that is quite much. I'm sure the players will be awestruck when they see what we have built for them.

Expectations exceeded

The weekend is almost over. The game is behind. And I have to admit I was right. About everything I wrote yesterday. But if like to focus on the experience itself. It was great, and I enjoyed it a lot.

I wasn't expecting that. I wasn't looking forward to getting into this game. It was just a game. One of the few we have been able to attend together with my daughter. That alone made it a good game. And that was all I expected from it.

Here we go again

Another weekend, another larp. Time to prop up and step to yet another role. But as the game is getting closer the usual excitement has once again turned into anxiety.

There is going to be a lot of people i need to interact with. Many old, acquaintances, some new ones. On the other hand, its nice to see them all. Get to know a few new faces and everything. But it's also scary. I know I'm going to be tired after all this, needing some quiet time when i get back home.