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Getting bored

It's only a second day of my vacation when I actually have a "free" day. Not much to do, and I already got everything there was to do mostly yesterday.

On the other hand, there isn't enough time to start doing anything bigger. Starting from tomorrow most of the time I have left of my vacation is spent taking care of the second run of our game.

So this moment of boredom is luckily over soon enough. Maybe I should just sit back and enjoy while it lasts.

Well, to be honest, there are things to do today as well, luckily. Currently we are sitting on a train heading towards my son's new school for him to sign up there. A couple of hours to spend away from home does good. Even if most of that time will be equally boring sitting on a train anyway.

Good thing I don't have much of a free time during my vacations this year. Fewer chances to get bored. This part goes mostly running the game and the second half travelling to Dublin and taking part in the Worldcon. And between those two, couple of weeks of relaxing work time. Yeah, I know I'm weird.