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Vacation hangover

Second week of vacation half way through. After rather active first week this one had been a lot quieter. Haven't got that much things done. But on the other hand this has been a lot more social week so far. And presumably will continue the same way until the end of the week.

Regardless all the activity last week was actually refreshing. But now I'm feeling a bit tired. Maybe it's the last weeks exhaustion finally kicking in. Or maybe it's all the socializing going on this week. 

Vacation, day 2

It's only the second day of my vacation and I've already done the biggest task I was planning to get done during this time. What shall I do for the rest of the time? At least I'm not yet urging to get back to work. 

One more day

Tomorrow will be my last day at work before vacation. It's been a long first half of the year and it really is needed. On the other hand I feel there is so many unfinished things that I don't want to leave yet, but of course I have made sure there is nothing urgent and the rest can wait until after vacation. And this time I have also managed to delegate things forward, so when I get back there should be some results waiting for me instead of just tasks.

A year's worth of series

I don't usually watch that much of anything. There are only few "must see" series I have watched this year. Then there are those "would be nice to see" series that I have seemingly endless list of I'm hoping to watch someday. Today's problem is there are too many of those made. Too many streaming services pushing new series out as fast as they can to keep their customers and marketshare.

Lost track of time

It's only the third day of my vacation and I already had to check what day it is. Not having to pay attention to such things and they are gone from my mind.

No matter whether I needed vacation, or wanted to go back to work already I think this is a good sign. Being really able to let it go and relax. Without needing to worry about such things for a while. Just need to make sure I remember to return to work on a correct day. And I guess there are couple of other remarkable days as well along the way. But I'm sure somebody will remind me about those in time.

Let it go

It's only a second day of my vacation. Well, not even that, just a weekend still. But I'm already thinking work related stuff. I really shouldn't.

I know there will be some bigger things happening next year. And I will have a lot to say about them. So obviously, they have been a lot in my mind lately. It's hard to give them rest. I can't wait to get to start implementing those things. But I also want them to be well planned.

Vacation and holidays

I'll be on vacation for the next two weeks. I had a plenty of leftover vacation days and as there will be multiple paid days off during the next two weeks it was a good chance to have a bit longer vacation while spending fewer of those precious vacation days for it.

On the other hand, I don't feel the need for the vacation. I enjoy my work and am able to maintain great work/life balance there. A proof of that is how many days I had unspent. Would have been better to just take two normal weeks of. I could have been able to get rid of almost all my unspent vacation days that way.

Vacation, the last few days

This part of my vacation has passed almost as fast as the first part. There were those couple of days before the trip. But those were mostly spent preparing and waiting for it. And now there is just this half a week left.

I was planning on not doing too much during my final days. But at the same time I was worried how can I pass the time without anything to do. There was this one event I knew was coming this weekend. But then other things started appearing into my schedule. Soon I had rest of the week full already.

The two-month vacation

My second part of my vacation just started. The first two weeks was right after midsummer and now I'm having another two. Leaving yet another two weeks to spend during winter as I had couple of days left over from last year.

But these past five weeks have felt almost like vacation as well. Most of my colleagues as well as our customers have been on vacation. There hasn't been much of anything to do at work during this time. Or at least the regular doing.

Relaxing at work

These past two weeks after the vacation have been quite relaxing. There isn't much of anything important going on at work as most of the people are on vacation and projects on hold.

It's not like haven't got anything to do. Quite contrary. The doing has just been something different. Things that have been long overdue, but haven't got done due not being "business-critical" or otherwise urgent.