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Vacation, the last few days

This part of my vacation has passed almost as fast as the first part. There were those couple of days before the trip. But those were mostly spent preparing and waiting for it. And now there is just this half a week left.

I was planning on not doing too much during my final days. But at the same time I was worried how can I pass the time without anything to do. There was this one event I knew was coming this weekend. But then other things started appearing into my schedule. Soon I had rest of the week full already.

The two-month vacation

My second part of my vacation just started. The first two weeks was right after midsummer and now I'm having another two. Leaving yet another two weeks to spend during winter as I had couple of days left over from last year.

But these past five weeks have felt almost like vacation as well. Most of my colleagues as well as our customers have been on vacation. There hasn't been much of anything to do at work during this time. Or at least the regular doing.

Relaxing at work

These past two weeks after the vacation have been quite relaxing. There isn't much of anything important going on at work as most of the people are on vacation and projects on hold.

It's not like haven't got anything to do. Quite contrary. The doing has just been something different. Things that have been long overdue, but haven't got done due not being "business-critical" or otherwise urgent.

Back on schedule

It's been only two weeks, but it seems I have already forgotten my normal schedule. At least partially.

Even after not having to wake up to the clock I haven't slept too long on most of the mornings, as usual. But I haven't woken up too early either. No 6 am jumps out of bed. Despite, today I was up five minutes before the alarm.

End of vacation, part 1

It's the final day of my vacation. At least for now. I only had two weeks at this point and still have another two coming up in a month.

Despite these two weeks being quite busy, I still feel refreshed. As I already wrote earlier when I had a couple of days without anything to do I was getting bored. If I would have had those other two weeks now in a row I'm sure I would have bored to death now that I wouldn't have that much to do anymore.

The follow up two weeks in August will be spend mostly travelling to Dublin for world on, so no danger of getting bored then either.

Getting bored

It's only a second day of my vacation when I actually have a "free" day. Not much to do, and I already got everything there was to do mostly yesterday.

On the other hand, there isn't enough time to start doing anything bigger. Starting from tomorrow most of the time I have left of my vacation is spent taking care of the second run of our game.

So this moment of boredom is luckily over soon enough. Maybe I should just sit back and enjoy while it lasts.

A day off

I have been on vacation for only a week, but I feel like I already need a vacation. As you know, the last couple of weeks have been quite busy for me.

Today happens to be a perfect day to take a day off from everything and just enjoy it spending some time with my wife. We have a rare opportunity to be just the two of us. Kids are both away until tomorrow. And she also has a day off today.

Off to a vacation

Tomorrow, my vacation officially starts. The last three days have just been national holiday and a weekend. And while it was nice to spend the midsummer at the cottage again it wasn't actually too much rest.

However I won't be getting much of free time and rest during my vacation either. These next two weeks will be busy ones building and running the game we are organising.