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Two down, one to go

Second run, the first international one of our game just finished few hours ago. In one week this all will be over. Over a halfway through already.

Even though we have made some adjustments and improvements to the game the biggest difference still comes from the players. After all they make all the decisions and those choices can lead to widely different outcomes. Even though this particular game is quite heavily railroaded. But there is an illusion of choice still given to the players.

I think the biggest difference shows here between the local and international runs. There is a certain way us finish markers play and its quite different from others. At least so I have heard. And now I actually have witnessed it with my own eyes. While the players ended up making mostly the same decisions, at least the bigger ones there was still a different atmosphere. It's more about the small details, how the players live with their characters. How deeply they go in.

We tend to play to lose. Making most out of all the possible drama. But others seem to have more winning attitude. They want to "solve" the game, they want to survive and win.