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End of vacation, part 1

It's the final day of my vacation. At least for now. I only had two weeks at this point and still have another two coming up in a month.

Despite these two weeks being quite busy, I still feel refreshed. As I already wrote earlier when I had a couple of days without anything to do I was getting bored. If I would have had those other two weeks now in a row I'm sure I would have bored to death now that I wouldn't have that much to do anymore.

The follow up two weeks in August will be spend mostly travelling to Dublin for world on, so no danger of getting bored then either.

On the other hand having shorter vacations like this makes it feel that the next vacation is closer too. Like there would be only ten months between the vacation instead of eleven. Not counting the one week I have saved up for the winter. And the one month in between - being at the office during July in this industry is almost like a vacation as well. All the customers and moat of the colleagues are on vacation anyway, so there isn't much to do on that front. I can actually focus on the important stuff during that time.