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Calm before the storm

In less than an hour, the third run of our game is about to start. I guess it's a good sign that I don't have much to do before that. All preparations have been done and everything is ready.

After only these few times everything is already running smoothly. Everybody knows their routines and there isn't a lot of hassle going on during the preparations. We have also been able to do some improvements to our systems and processes so its a lot easier now to get everything ready. It will also be more effortless during the game.

Although I will be relieved after this final run is done its still a shame it will all be over soon. We have come so far and it would be nice to keep doing this indefinitely. I'm not really sure of commercial viability of this kind of events. It's fine for a small group of participants but in a long run we would soon run out of players anyway. And toning it down for a general audience might be a challenge.

To even break in, if we would count the hours done by over a hundred volunteers, many a highly skilled experts on their field, producing something like this would cost hundreds of thousands of euros.