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When technology bites back

Today there is a lot of technology that can make our life easier.  It's ubiquitous, everywhere. We can count on it instead of trying to do everything ourself, to try to remember or know everything.

But it doesn't always work as expected. We rely on it and make expectations that might not always hold true. Technology is not infallible. When we trust the technology too much it might fail us at the worst time.

Sure, as beings we are prone to errors as well. But if we believe technology can fix our shortcomings we are wrong. It still requires human supervision. We need to be both in charge and take the responsibility in the end.

We should only use technology to augment our own skills and knowledge. Acknowledge the shortcomings of both. We should as much verify the outcome of our technical helpers as we expected them to fix our mistakes. It shouldn't be a replacement.

With the help of modern technology we are capable of doing great things. But when we venture to do those great things the stakes are also higher and when the technology fails the failure can also be greater. So pay attention and don't blindly trust the technology.