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Organic hard drive

Brain-computer interfaces are already a reality, even though still a primitive ones. They mostly rely on weak signals to interact or enhance different things. But we are still far from being able to transmit any complex information directly to our brains.

While we might understand the basic concepts of how the brain works there is still a long way to understand enough of it be able to for example "write" into it directly. And even then it would most probably be analogous to writing to a traditional hard disk drive with a magnetic needle by hand.

Killer cars

Self driving cars might be still far away, despite the promises the automakers make that we'll get them in three to five years. There are some big technical challenges for sure. But the biggest challenges aren't technical at all.

In normal conditions an autonomous car can already beat a human driver. Only in the more unclear situations is the human reasoning still outperforming machine predictions. But those scenarios also assume the human specimen operating under optimal conditions.

Death of the desktop

The year of the Linux Desktop has been coming for years, even decades. But it never happened. And it won't happen as the desktop operating system has become irrelevant. The desktop is mainly used to run a single desktop application: the Browser. Even that usage is diminishing and threatening the desktop Computer itself as well as it's little cousin the Laptop. It's all in mobile devices nowadays. And even there the Apps are losing.

The stability - innovation paradox

There are people who want to experiment. They will go extra mile to try out new things and learn new technologies. They disregard all the prior work done to provide stable foundations for all projects. Every project is a bit different. But they wont commit to maintain this new creation indefinitely. They trust that others will be as inclined to learn the new things as they are.

Urge to rewrite

From the start I have been using this site to write my daily posts. About a year ago I started cross posting the text to the 200wad site as well.

Along the way I have done few improvements. But at it's core it has remained the same. A self hosted Drupal site. There is nothing wrong with it, it just works. Still, I would like to do something new. Something more modern, cutting edge even.

I don't get to code much anymore at my work. So I need to find these hobby projects to satisfy that itch. There might not be the need for it. I just want to do it.

Telling stories

Often, I have to explain highly technical concepts to people who are unfamiliar even with the basics. It's hard to educate them in a short time prior to getting to the actual subject. It might not even worth the effort as they don't need to understand the underlying details to grasp the core of what I'm trying to tell them.

Mixed felings, Google

As I have been anxiously waiting for a new phone and especially the release of Pixel 4 I decided to watch the whole Made by Google event yesterday live.

Straight from the start I was impressed on Googles efforts for the environment. They have been carbon neutral since 2007 and are constantly pushing and supporting their supplier network to achieve the same. They are also looking into ways to make their products more sustainable: for example using recycled materials in Nest or removing the need to buy new devices all the time with Stadia.

When technology bites back

Today there is a lot of technology that can make our life easier.  It's ubiquitous, everywhere. We can count on it instead of trying to do everything ourself, to try to remember or know everything.

But it doesn't always work as expected. We rely on it and make expectations that might not always hold true. Technology is not infallible. When we trust the technology too much it might fail us at the worst time.