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Today I have been quite restless. I've been tired, but at the same time I have felt like I have so many things to do. Perhaps it has been good thing to have a day of and just relax. Or would have been if I could have done it.

I should just have admitted it right in the morning, having a day of, not doing anything. Now I have just spend the day mostly doing nothing. But instead of resting I have just been anxious of doing all those things I should get done.

Despite the feeling of not getting anything done I do have got a few things checked on my daily task list. Surprisingly many actually considering how I felt. That's why it's a good thing to have such list. In days like this you might feel you didn't get anything done until you check your final score for the day.

Rest days are important as well. And allowing those to yourself is fine. Just need to make it explicit, otherwise it leads to not actually feeling like rest due to anxiety and guilt of not doing anything.

So this wasn't a good day. But it wasn't all bad either. If nothing else I once again learned something new of myself.