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Today I have been quite restless. I've been tired, but at the same time I have felt like I have so many things to do. Perhaps it has been good thing to have a day of and just relax. Or would have been if I could have done it.

I should just have admitted it right in the morning, having a day of, not doing anything. Now I have just spend the day mostly doing nothing. But instead of resting I have just been anxious of doing all those things I should get done.

A day off

I have been on vacation for only a week, but I feel like I already need a vacation. As you know, the last couple of weeks have been quite busy for me.

Today happens to be a perfect day to take a day off from everything and just enjoy it spending some time with my wife. We have a rare opportunity to be just the two of us. Kids are both away until tomorrow. And she also has a day off today.