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The two-month vacation

My second part of my vacation just started. The first two weeks was right after midsummer and now I'm having another two. Leaving yet another two weeks to spend during winter as I had couple of days left over from last year.

But these past five weeks have felt almost like vacation as well. Most of my colleagues as well as our customers have been on vacation. There hasn't been much of anything to do at work during this time. Or at least the regular doing.

Instead I have been able to enjoy different kind of doing. Getting all those things done that have been nice and interesting things, but for which there hasn't been time during the regular months.

Just like, despite not being that much relaxing or less busy, the first two weeks I have felt like being on vacation for the past five weeks. It was still something different. As I have written, I don't enjoy much of that not doing anything kind of vacations. I need to have something to do. So the vacation is not about not having to do anything. It's just a period of time to do something different. Getting away from the normal day to day doing