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Travel preparations

We have an early departure ahead of us tomorrow morning. There isn't much time in the morning so everything needs to be as ready as possible before going to sleep. 

I've got most everything packed up already. Packing most of the things is easy, despite the feeling I must have forgotten something. But preparing for the trip is no longer just about making sure you have everything you might need during the trip packed up and with you.

It's as much about making sure all your appliances are charged. And remember to take all the necessary chargers with me in the morning. As obviously I can't pack them yet. I still need to charge everything before the morning.

Luckily some things still have a battery life longer than just a few days. So for a short trip like this, not every single charger needs to be taken along. But despite for example my Kindle holding up a charge for almost a month I still had to plug it in. Just to make sure it's fully charged before I go. Perhaps then, I can leave at least one charger home.

So, in the morning, all I need to back are the chargers and my toothbrush.