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modern problems

Book by the covers

Kindle (and other ereaders as well) is a great device for avid readers like myself. It's ergonomic, lightweight way to read. No need to worry about packing those heavy books with you wherever you go. There is also majority of books ever written at your fingertips. As long as you remember to keep it charged. Reading is effortless, you just pick it up and continue straight from where you left. 

Keeping everything up to date

There is a lot of things we need to keep up to date. Almost every appliance today has some sort of software running it and more and more of them are also becoming connected.

It's not about getting the more up to date, more stable version of the firmware on those devices. It's not even getting some new features which almost justifies the ability to update versus being reliant on something like that. 

The forgotten art of boredom

It's hard to get bored nowadays. There is always something to do. With phones in out pocket all the time there is always something to entertain us. There are no more chances to get bored.

In those rare situations when we end up forced away from our phone, stranded on a deserted island outside the coverage of the network. Or when the battery dies unexpectedly while being away without a charger. We fall into a despair. We don't know what to do anymore.

Washed out thoughts

Ever got those weird thoughts in the shower? Small revelations of lifes simple things. Shower thoughts they are called while not strictly limited on having them while showering. They can you hit anywhere, anytime when there isn't anything else stealing your focus. When we have a chance to allow our mind to wander for a while it might encounter all sorts of interesting things.

How convenient, but oh so fragile

Our phones make our lives so much easier. They have everything, we don't need to carry so many things with us as long as we have them in our pockets.

But when they fail we are in trouble. We are locked out from so many things. We feel handicapped without all that power not available to us.

It's not just all the convenient features like having maps, notes or camera at our disposal all the time. It's not only the possibility to being connected all the time.

Annoyingly safe

Our flight was delayed for over an hour due some check light going off during the pre-flight checks. And it wasn't even anything vital, just some trivial secondary system.

Sure, it was annoying just waiting there on a runaway while the technicians went through the systems trying to figure out what was wrong. But on the other hand it was assuring. It's a good thing all those security protocols are being followed and the plane won't leave the ground even if there is only one minor error light turning on.

Travel preparations

We have an early departure ahead of us tomorrow morning. There isn't much time in the morning so everything needs to be as ready as possible before going to sleep. 

I've got most everything packed up already. Packing most of the things is easy, despite the feeling I must have forgotten something. But preparing for the trip is no longer just about making sure you have everything you might need during the trip packed up and with you.