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Vacation, the last few days

This part of my vacation has passed almost as fast as the first part. There were those couple of days before the trip. But those were mostly spent preparing and waiting for it. And now there is just this half a week left.

I was planning on not doing too much during my final days. But at the same time I was worried how can I pass the time without anything to do. There was this one event I knew was coming this weekend. But then other things started appearing into my schedule. Soon I had rest of the week full already.

That was a bit too much, and i already started planning on canceling out some of those things. But I didn't really know which one. They were all kinda intriguing. Luckily one of those canceled out itself, so i have to choose. I think the rest are a manageable amount of things to do to cover both my need to do something and still give me enough free time to feel like being on vacation.

This two weeks vacations seem to work nicely. Enough time to get off from work rhythm. But not too long to get bored and start to miss back to work.