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Is five minutes enough?

Is it possible to write two hundred words in five minutes. Well, technically yes. It should be possible to write twice or even triple that. But the real question is, is it possible to write a coherent post of two hundred words in five minutes.

I have only five minutes before the train arrives at its destination. Then I need to hop off the train and walk to the office. Next chance to write is sometime in the evening. So I'd rather spend this five minutes to write now instead of postponing it yet again until the evening.

Maybe it is possible to get it done. But the quality probably won't be anything exceptional. First few paragraphs are easy, but there isn't really time to thing too much ahead to see where this is leading. 

At some point it just changes into a flow of thoughts. Rambling to get it done under the strict deadline. I can already see the station approaching. Luckily I only have a few words left to write.

There, this is almost done. Just in time as decelerates as we are arriving at my stop. It's quite right schedule, but yes, it is possible to get it done in five minutes.