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I don't know how many times I have started this post already. I don't know if this one will get until the end. But must keep trying until I succeed.

It's not that I wouldn't have anything to write about. Or that I  didn't know how or what to write about those ideas. It's not even that those would be something I wouldn't feel comfortable writing about.

Quite the opposite. After such an inspirational weekend I have way too much to write about and I'm having trouble choosing just one.

Doing the background study

At times I get an idea about the topic I want to write. But then I realize I don't know enough about it to write something sensible about it. And I do want to make things properly so I don't give out disinformation. It's a nice motivation to learn something new. It's not like I'd have any lack of such things anyway, but it's just one more of those.

Not writing about writing about not having anything to write about

Writing those posts when I can't come up with anything proper to write about is the least favourite topic for me to write about. I don't really want to write them. Instead I want to write about something new and interesting.

But thinking about what to write instead usually leads to some new revelations on those situations. There is always something to learn from it. Why am I in this situation again? Why don't I have anything to write about? Why I don't want to write about the only things that come to my mind?

Modern problems

As my battery problems continue and I don't want to skip writing whenever I want to I have decided to start writing a bit differently. At least until I get a new phone. The problem is, that if I write directly to this site, if the worst happens and the battery runs out I'll lose all I have written.

The solution is quite simple: I switched writing in another application. One that does save the text as I type. At least I hope it will. Then, I can continue from where I left if I have to. And if everything goes well I can just copy/paste the text and hit publish.

Selling unused baby shoes

Sometimes writing less can give the reader more. When you leave more to the imagination of the reader they will create their own stories. Squeezing a post into 200 words is something, but true masters can tell complete stories with just six words.

I really enjoy reading such stories, flash fiction it's called. It's a nice contrast to reading all those heavy tomes. Some are just prompts to let your imagination fly. Others offer the satisfaction of understanding and enlightenment. An easy read for a busy moment.

Write more, but less

The key to becoming a better writer is to write constantly. To be great at something requires a lot of practice and repetition. And that practice needs to be deliberate, you need to actively pay attention on your progress. Getting feedback also helps.

Good text conveys the meaning and thoughts of the writer easily. If you write long and windy sentences using obscure words it doesn't make it easy to read. Keeping it simple is the key. Reducing the text to a bare minimum can do miracles to the readability. 

I already wrote today

I started writing, as usual, when I sat down on the train this morning. Regardless of the fact that I had to be on the train one and a half hours earlier than usual.

I'm sure I did. I can remember it clearly. But I can't remember what I was writing about. Anyway, that text isn't anywhere anymore, not even on my head.

So there I was, tired, but writing none the less. I was almost finished, just checking for any glaring mistakes in the text when the battery died. All the text gone, forever.

Procrastinating breaking the streak

Every now and then I feel like I should break my writing streak. It's inevitable, I know. And I want to make it on my own terms.

But when I get to it I manage to postpone it. Every time. First, I at least need to write about it. I owe you,  readers, the explanation why there won't be a post tomorrow.

The next day, usually one of the following happens:

There is something interesting to write about that I just can't miss.

I have changed my mind, I still want to go on with the streak.

I forget I decided to quit.

Today I learned

As per my new writing focus, from now on I try to write about things I have learned throughout the day. But as I also try to write first thing in the morning it turns out to be quite challenging. It's hard to have learned something by seven in the morning.