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Bare minimum

Trying to fit my posts into about 200 words requires leaving out all the unnecessary. There is barely room for the facts. It can be challenging as a writer to do that. But there is also another issue with such posts.

Stripping out everything extra is like extracting out the flavour. Without all those additional little tidbits od information the text becomes dry and boring. It also makes it more impersonal.

Down to the rabbit hole

Doing background study on something to write about can be fun. But, unlike when you have actual set goals to achieve there is the danger of getting carried away. There is always something more to learn, or just some interesting side tracks to explore. It's just so much more fun than actually writing about it.

Blockers on the way

It's hard to write about anything else when you have a certain topic in mind. No matter how hard I have tried to write something today, the one I want to write about, but which is not ready to be written constantly comes to my mind instead.

It's funny how the problem is not having nothing to write about. Or that I wouldn't want to write at all. It's almost like an opposite of a problem to me, unlike for those who struggle to write.

Forgotten topics

I try to write down all the topic ideas I get. Sometimes I forget, sometimes it's already there. Sometimes I even forget I have already written about it before.

It's hard to remember all the things I have written already. And having written so many posts it's not even realistic to go back and check them all.

With all the posts and ideas I'm not sure how many times I have also skipped writing a topic down. Thinking I must have already written about it.

Adversarial writing

Writing, or doing anything else competitively has it's merits. While I try to improve my writing every day, having a competition in mind gives that urge to improve a bit more weight.

If I'm participating in a competition why not try to give my bests. Why else even bother? It gives more incentive to put some extra effort to the writing.

It's also not just trying your best. Often times even that is not enough for the win. What matters is the feedback and learning opportunities you get from it.


A while ago, I was about to write my thoughts on writing competitively. Or doing anything competitively in general.

I was planning to compare the learning one can gain from such activity to the one utilized in machine learning using generative adversarial networks. But that in itself provided already enough to write about I had to skip the comparison for the time being.

After I had written that post about GANs I was supposed to continue with the original topic next. But as usual, other topics happened and so far, I still haven't written it.

Studying just to be able to write

Quite often I find myself wanting to write about some more advanced topics. Something I find interesting and perhaps already know the basics.

Being able to write about such complex topics I usually find interesting isn't easy. Yes, I might know a bit more than an average person about the topic. But that's not enough to be able to write about it. When you have to explain something that you barely grasp yourself it probably just ends up being more confusing to the others.

Writers block

This hasn't happened for quite a while now. I actually struggled to get started writing.

And it wasn't because too many topics, nor was it too few either. I was just staring the blank page, unable to start writing. The words just didn't want to come out.

I don't know how long I waited. Must have been at least fifteen minutes. Nothing. 

But as soon as I realized what was happening I was able to proceed. Years of practise kicked in. As easy as that.


I don't know how many times I have started this post already. I don't know if this one will get until the end. But must keep trying until I succeed.

It's not that I wouldn't have anything to write about. Or that I  didn't know how or what to write about those ideas. It's not even that those would be something I wouldn't feel comfortable writing about.

Quite the opposite. After such an inspirational weekend I have way too much to write about and I'm having trouble choosing just one.