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One of these days again

For some reason I haven't felt like writing today. Quite the opposite. Haven't had these for a while now. Especially after I started writing in the morning again.

Maybe I'm just too tired. We did stay up quite late last night. But I did sleep well. The whole night actually. First time in a while I didn't wake up in the middle of the night. And didn't wake up early in the morning either. Slept until nine, which might not sound that late, but it surely is for me.

Most urgent things first

First day of a new week. Lots of things waiting to be done. Once again I started the day not with writing, but getting a couple of more urgent things done first so I can fully focus on this.

It's definitely harder to start writing if it's not the first thing. After I got the urgent matters dealt with I was already looking what to do next so that I wouldn't have to start writing. I really had to drag me writing instead so it wouldn't end up being the last thing I need to do for the day.

Too busy to write

Some mornings I feel like I'm too busy to write first. There are so many things I need to get done that it feels like a waste of time. It almost feels like I'm forcing myself to procrastinate instead of starting to do those more important things.

But writing is important as well. If it isn't done it will linger on the back of my head for the whole day and I can't give my full focus on anything else. So it's better to stay disciplined. There is rarely anything so urgent and important that it couldn't wait for fifteen minutes.

Old topics

I was going through my notes and found some old topic ideas from the time I was just about to start writing here.  It was a page full of items with majority of them stricken-through already. Rest were mostly something I have been written later on. After all those there were only a a couple of topics left. Topics that I don't remember writing before.

First thing in the morning

I haven't written this early for a while now. Somehow I have reverted almost completely writing in the evening. Not always the last thing I do for a day, but usually pretty close.

Even though it's only 20 minutes since I woke up i manager to go through a vast list of excuses not to write yet. The most common one of course being one of them as well: not hawing anything to write. 

So what have I actually learned about writing recently

Just an idea might not be enough to write a full post. It might feel like it, but run short after few sentences. Or it could be I don't have enough knowledge yet to write about the topic.

Following rules and best practices can be overdone. For example it's good to write shorter sentences. But making every sentence as short as possible makes the text sound like a telegram STOP

About writing again

It's funny how I have been writing about writing so many times without being too excited about it. Often it has  been just because I didn't have anything else to write about at that moment. Now it has been quite a while since the last one of those. And this one actually isn't yet another of those either. This time I actually wanted to write about it.

One of my aims has been becoming better at writing. I also like learning things and promised to focus more on those learnings. So obviously it's only right to write about the one thing I'm constantly focusing on learning more.

Pardon my Finnish

Suomeksi kirjoittaminen tuntuu nykyään erityisen vaikealta. Vaikka olen nyt harjoitellut kirjoittamista päivittäin yli kolme vuotta olen tehnyt sen kirjoittaen englanniksi. Todennäköisesti osaan kirjoittaa nykyään paremmin myös suomeksi. Se vain tuntuu vaikeammalta verrattuna englantiin.

The three levels of writing

In writing there are three levels when it comes to the complexity of the thought process for both the reader and the writer. It can also be thought as the interaction between those two.

First level is simply stating the facts. There is no deeper analysis offered by the author than using their own words telling about the subject matter. The reader gets the information without any additional work and is just expected to accept the information as is.

Unexpected pressure

Nonsense is easy to write. If the topic is something every day and mundane it doesn't matter if the quality of the text itself isn't any higher than the contents. Writing about meaningless, or at least less meaningful things is just easy.

But when I decide to write about something important, something meaningful to me, it's a completely different story. I don't just want to get it out. I'm not just stating the facts. I want to get the message through.