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Tired of writing

After passing 1400 post I suddenly feel like I'm done with this stuff. I've written everything already, there is no point of keep going. It just feels pointless waste of time and energy. Why can't I just skip this and instead go to sleep already.

To be honest, I'm not tired of writing, I'm just tired. That can make everything feel pointless. Much like being hungry or exhausted can make you feel as well.

Auto dictate

Even that I knew I wouldn't have time to write today after noon I didn't write in the morning. I had this long drive ahead and I thought it would be good time to write todays post as I was driving. Obviously I wasn't going to type it while driving. Instead, my intention was to use speech to text to dictate the post. After all our car has the Android auto system and nice integrated hands free with noise cancelling mics and all.

Feels like cheating

I always try to tell a story, share a bit of knowledge or offer an insight with my posts. But coming up with something interesting every day is the true challenge of keeping the streak.

The writing itself is easy by now. It doesn't take that much effort to write a couple of hundred words. Bit after all the posts it is becoming increasingly hard to come up with new ideas every day. It's not like those wouldn't be available. It's just the extra effort they require compared to just writing something boring.

Reading like a writer

To become a better writer I have gone through a lot of material about writing. Knowing about those things helps me pay attention to such things on my own texts. It's also good to read a lot and pay attention how others write. But there is a problem when this has become such an automatic habit to me that I read basically all text which such critical view.

Writing mood

I have noticed that my mood not only can affect how I write but also what I'm willing to write about. For certain types of posts you need a certain state of mind.

Sure, with my experience and practice I could technically wtite about anything at any time. At least I like to believe so. That would however probably result in a post I wouldn't be happy about. A forced text where I didn't give all the effort the topic deserves.

The fifth morning

While the pandemic keeps going and we have basically defaulted to remote work my days have been pretty standard. No more problems with having 2-3 different day schedules, it's all the same. Yet, it took this long until I realized I could get back to my good old morning writing ritual. I just kept writing late in the evening from the old habit.

Ironically, this is the first day after making the switch back to morning writing that I'm not writing the first thing in the morning. Still, it's hardly past noon, so not leaving it until the evening either.

Writing to self

usually writing is associated with communicating with others. There is always supposed to be an audience for the text. But sometimes that audience can be just yourself.

I've already written about how writing can be a tool for thinking. Putting those thoughts into actual words can gibe them new perspective and concrete meanings. 

Writing can also be a tool for learning. Being able to write about something requires certain amount of knowledge about the subject. And it's also great way to make you remember the things better. 

129137 words

One of the nice features of the is that it shows some nice statistics on your profile. Along the obvious streak length and post count there is also the total count of words written across all those posts.

Mine shows 129137 after yesterdays post. That's a lot of words. Quick googling gives 90000 words as an average word count of a book. So that's already almost halfway to a second book.

To write is to think

Besides writing just for the sake of it or improving ones writing skills there are three different reasons to write: to convey knowledge, to express oneself or to think.

First two are obvious. They are meant for others to read. But the last one doesn't require an audience. Writing can be a powerful tool to help you think.

In the end all other forms of writing must start with the writing to think. To out it the other way around it is quite impossible to write without thinking. It's just a matter of expression and refinement if the end result will be of any use for others.