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Inside the box

Thinking outside the box is commonly used metaphor for creativity or coming up with new ideas. Some problems indeed require a new perspective to get them solved. But sometimes the box is all you have. You are inside the box and there is nothing out there.

Working within limits can boost creativity as well. When you have limited resources you need to come up with new and effective ways to use those scarce resources. And keeping inside those limits often lead to more efficient solutions as well.

Autocorrect woes

Spell checker wit autocorrect, or even spelling suggestions is great. Unfortunately I have had some trouble with them lately. At some point I had to give up using Grammarly. It's a great tool and goes way beyond being just a simple spell checker. But when it started to completely eat random words instead of correcting them it made using it quite a nuisance.

Writing for the streak

During all these years I haven't really written much just because of the streak. Sure, there has been many filler posts just to keep the streak going. But even those have served a purpose.

I started writing simply because I wanted to write. Then, I wanted to become better at it. Along the way I learned that I actually enjoy doing it most of the time. And even when I don't, it's manageable. That has been one of the best learnings from all this effort. At best the writings is when I can use it as a tool for self reflection. 

Writing useless things

Whenever I don't have anything to write about I still have to write something. In so many occasions in the past I have just written about that: not having anything to write about. Way too many times.

But there is better alternative for those times. Recently, I have just picked up some random trivia, s piece of knowledge I have in my head, and written about it. Sometimes expanding my knowledge about the thing at the same time reading more about the topic. Or just doing fact checks to make sure I write them right.

How to write every day for 3 years

I don't think there is anything else, save the absolute necessities, that I would have done every day for the past three years. Even looking back one year, such essential things like morning coffee hasn't been an everyday things. I'm sure I have skipped it once or twice this year alone.

So how is it possible to keep doing something that requires conscious effort and creativity for such a long time? We are all different, so I don't have a definitive answer that would work for everyone. All I'm saying that they have worked for me.

Another take

No, I'm not gonna write about it. Not again. I have written about it way too many times already. I'm sure I can come up with something else. Anything. I'm not too tired for that yet.

I can't believe this is happening. I promised to myself I wouldn't do it. Not this time. But here I am, once again. Almost halfway through. So I might as well just finish it for now.

Next time, I promise, will be different. Like this was supposed to be. Yeah, I don't even believe that myself. It just happens. There is no fighting back. You just grit your teeth and churn it through.

First three years

During the first three years after birth, our brains develop the most enabling us to kickstart kickstart our lives. We go from requiring constant care to being somewhat self sufficient. We learn to move, communicate, feed ourselves and recognize things around us. The most vital skills. And then we spend the rest of our lives just refining those skills.

Bare minimum

Trying to fit my posts into about 200 words requires leaving out all the unnecessary. There is barely room for the facts. It can be challenging as a writer to do that. But there is also another issue with such posts.

Stripping out everything extra is like extracting out the flavour. Without all those additional little tidbits od information the text becomes dry and boring. It also makes it more impersonal.

Down to the rabbit hole

Doing background study on something to write about can be fun. But, unlike when you have actual set goals to achieve there is the danger of getting carried away. There is always something more to learn, or just some interesting side tracks to explore. It's just so much more fun than actually writing about it.

Blockers on the way

It's hard to write about anything else when you have a certain topic in mind. No matter how hard I have tried to write something today, the one I want to write about, but which is not ready to be written constantly comes to my mind instead.

It's funny how the problem is not having nothing to write about. Or that I wouldn't want to write at all. It's almost like an opposite of a problem to me, unlike for those who struggle to write.