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One small thing

When speaking about the matters that are important to you it's nice even if just one person takes an action just once because of what you were talking about. Everything else is just a bonus.

We had a casual chat with my colleague after the event we attended and where I was speaking about the green tech thinking. He was telling this story and at some point he just couldn't recall some small obscure detail. Now, his first instinct was to reach for his phone and just Google it. But then, suddenly he changed his mind saying: "never mind, it's not that important. It's not worth it considering the environmental impact".

Yes, one single Google search doesn't really contribute that much in the global scale. But the fact that all the searches made during just one second globally contributes as much CO2 as 23 trees can offset in one year really got him thinking.

Like skipping just one search isn't much either is doing so. And as such, we tend to do it carelessly. Sure there are other, more meaningful and bigger things we can do for the environment. But it all starts from somewhere. It all starts from thinking differently and being aware of those things.