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Fear of missing out

I have been trying to trim down my daily news feed. There is so many sources and different topics I want to follow. Unfortunately, there is a lot of uninteresting noise on those channels as well.

It's hard to drop any of the sources. Every now and then they do each have some interesting article to read. But most of the time barely skim through all the headlines. It would be nice if there was a way to filter those other articles out from the stream completely. So far,  haven't found any good enough solutions.

Maybe there is some value too in just reading the titles. They still do give a general idea what's going on. But mostly, it's just useless starting at the screen while text flows across it. I could well do without that information.

But what if there is some important thing I really need to know. The fear is always there. What if I miss out something. 

Honestly, I could live just fine without any of those news. If it's important enough that I really would need to know it I'm sure I would hear about it in some other context. Maybe I could even drop them all.