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Day of many things

Today is one of those days that there is too much happening in one day. Too many options to choose from, enough to do for the whole week if they would have spread out on different days.

But no, of course everything needs to be scheduled for today. Between countless days without nothing. So had to make a choice.

First of all, it's my birthday tomorrow. So if I would have wanted to celebrate it, it would have been today. I'm not too fond of such things, so this was an easy option to drop.

Then, some of my friends decided to keep an outdoor movie evening / garden party. I would have loved to go if I didn't have anything else. It would probably have been high on the list even among other things.

The number one option for today for a long time was the Tough Viking race. The thing I have been planning to attend for several years now, but there has always been something else. And honestly, I wouldn't have been in shape to actually pass it as of now.

In the end,  when my daughter asked if I would like to go to an event with her, there wasn't any other options I would have even considered. It was the obvious choice.