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Old or new?

Picking a book to read is one of those things I can spend way more time than necessary. It's not that I wouldn't have anything to read, quite the opposite. I think I currently have hundreds of books on my reading list. It's so much that often I find myself looking for something to read outside of it anyway.

The hardness of choice

Having options to choose from is a good thing. But having too many options might get you in trouble.

It's easy to fall into analysis paralysis trying to figure out the best possible option from all the available ones. It wouldn't be nice to pick the wrong one and then regret it.

Honestly speaking all those options aren't usually that different after all. The differences might be small and meaningless in the end. But if those are the only ones distinguishing the options they suddenly become a lot more important.

Day of many things

Today is one of those days that there is too much happening in one day. Too many options to choose from, enough to do for the whole week if they would have spread out on different days.

But no, of course everything needs to be scheduled for today. Between countless days without nothing. So had to make a choice.

First of all, it's my birthday tomorrow. So if I would have wanted to celebrate it, it would have been today. I'm not too fond of such things, so this was an easy option to drop.