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I already wrote today

I started writing, as usual, when I sat down on the train this morning. Regardless of the fact that I had to be on the train one and a half hours earlier than usual.

I'm sure I did. I can remember it clearly. But I can't remember what I was writing about. Anyway, that text isn't anywhere anymore, not even on my head.

So there I was, tired, but writing none the less. I was almost finished, just checking for any glaring mistakes in the text when the battery died. All the text gone, forever.

When I finally got power I was too frustrated to write. I also had to save the battery as my train ticket is also on my phone. Just in case the inspector would have decided to check it then. Later, I was too busy to write, and then I just forgot. The need fading with the memory of writing, even if not finished.

So here I am now. Writing about how I almost wrote, but then didn't. Or rather, how I wrote twice today. But what gets published is all that counts. Maybe I had to lose the first text, otherwise I wouldn't be writing this.