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Write more, but less

The key to becoming a better writer is to write constantly. To be great at something requires a lot of practice and repetition. And that practice needs to be deliberate, you need to actively pay attention on your progress. Getting feedback also helps.

Good text conveys the meaning and thoughts of the writer easily. If you write long and windy sentences using obscure words it doesn't make it easy to read. Keeping it simple is the key. Reducing the text to a bare minimum can do miracles to the readability. 

Less is more, but my goal is still 200 words. No less, not much more. Sometimes I find myself struggling to get there. If needed, I might squeeze couple of fillers here and there in those situations. But sometimes, I'm not finished yet when I hit the count. I would have a lot more to say, but no quota left. I just go over and try to finish it gracefully, perhaps continuing from there the next day. 

There is the reason for aiming as close to the limit as possible. It's not just to reach the minimum, but actually trying to keep the post as clean as possible by removing all the extra words.