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Childhood dreams

I always wanted to become an architect. I remember spending countless hours drafting floorplans on every piece of grid paper I could get my hands on. It wasn't until I learned there are a plethora of rules and regulations you need to comply with when I gave up that dream. I didn't want my creativity to be constrained which such things. Studying those things also sounded rather boring.

My second option was history. I've always liked stories, and the history is full of those. What would be more fun than reading stories for work. Of course instead of reading the for fun, somehow turning that into studying immediately makes it boring as well. Maybe not that, but the fact that I didn't have that much say on the stories I had to read. And above all: there wasn't much room for creativity on that path.

While I was still seriously considering a career in history I ended up playing around with computers during my free time. And by playing around I don't mean games, but programming and such. It took me surprisingly long to realize where my career would be.

Nowadays, I'm an architect. Not the kind that I once dreamed to be, but the one I learned was my passion.