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Modern problems

As my battery problems continue and I don't want to skip writing whenever I want to I have decided to start writing a bit differently. At least until I get a new phone. The problem is, that if I write directly to this site, if the worst happens and the battery runs out I'll lose all I have written.

The solution is quite simple: I switched writing in another application. One that does save the text as I type. At least I hope it will. Then, I can continue from where I left if I have to. And if everything goes well I can just copy/paste the text and hit publish.

The only problem this has is the fact that now I don't have the word count visible. I just have to estimate the amount of text I have written and hope the best. And of course I can always edit the text if needed before publishing if I don't meet the target.

I hope to get the new phone soon enough that it's not worth spending time to find a better writing alternative in the mean time. This should work well enough until that time. Modern problems require modern solutions.