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Not writing about writing about not having anything to write about

Writing those posts when I can't come up with anything proper to write about is the least favourite topic for me to write about. I don't really want to write them. Instead I want to write about something new and interesting.

But thinking about what to write instead usually leads to some new revelations on those situations. There is always something to learn from it. Why am I in this situation again? Why don't I have anything to write about? Why I don't want to write about the only things that come to my mind?

To become a better writer, and keep up the streak, coming up with something to write is the most important skill to have. Especially now that I promised to focus my topics on reflecting my learnings they are more relevant than ever.

Looking it another way, it would be great if it happened every day. That would force me to analyze those situations more often. And I would always have something to write about. What a paradox indeed!

Yes, it's ok to write about the thoughts why I don't have anything to write about. It's a good opportunity to learn. And hopefully give some tips for others as well who are struggling with the similar issues.